The BYS Mission

By Your Side gives you the gifts to support, unite, and spread hope and encouragement.

By Your Side is a collection of jewelry and gifts inspired from ropes and knots, symbolizing strength and support, and uniting our community of friends. We are a company centered around the mission of showing up in tangible ways for the people in our lives.

By Your Side shows up when you can't be there.  The jewelry is the tangible, daily reminder that we are never alone. Every time you wear a By Your Side piece, you can trust that each step of our life journey someone is always with us.

By Your Side, is the authentic and tangible way to say to your friends, "I am here for you. I see you and even though I may not know your pain, hold on tight, because I will help pull you through." By Your Side is the long lasting alternative to
casseroles, flowers, and cards. 

Join us in our mission to support, unite, and spread hope and encouragement as we stand By Your Side.