About Me


Here you will learn a lot about me, Jen Kennedy, Authentic Community Builder and Young Women's Cancer Coach, and my "why."   

I love a great frothy almond milk latte with a little white shape on top and I think of myself as a grapefruit cocktail connoisseur. I am also a woman on a mission to use her life story to impact the lives around her.  My friends know that my car will never ever be neat on the inside (thanks to my three kiddos who rule the back seat!!) and that paperwork is my nemesis. 

I am a six on the enneagram - a faithful and true loyalist.   I believe in extending grace and loving others just as Jesus loved us, and think that Kerry Gold butter makes everything supremely yummy.  I will spend any chance I get on the beach or with a book. Even better - on the beach reading a book with an adult beverage.  

I live to encourage women when when they need it most.

When I was 25 and married less than 3 months, I heard the words no one is ever prepared to receive, “you have breast cancer.” This frightening diagnosis left me feeling disconnected and alone. I was trying to continue to living my life and navigate chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and radiation.  I remember longing to have a person to call to say "yes! I get it.  I have been there.  Me too!"

Ten years after I sat in chemo rooms, I found myself sitting with my mom at her first breast cancer chemotherapy appointment.  I was finally able to really see the impact of using your own life journey for good.  My greatest challenge was now bringing hope to my mom during her battle. 

I also met a young woman in the therapy room and noticed she was alone.  I couldn't imagine fighting for my life with no one by my side.  I wanted to encourage this woman and in a brief moment, I gave her my necklace.  I reminded her that she wasn't alone and that I would be thinking about her and praying for her. 

I never saw her again.  But my mom continued to see her at each chemotherapy sessions wearing her necklace.  I do believe that the necklace gave her tangible hope and support during one of the most difficult times in her life. 

Sharing my life, my cancer journey, supporting this girl inspired By Your Side Collection, the By Your Side Community, and Young Women's Cancer Consulting and Coaching.

If you find yourself needing to hear the words I longed for, "I get it! I know the pain and emotions you are feeling," I would love to connect with you.   I truly believe I had breast cancer at such a young age to be able to pull other women and men through their cancer journey.  Its my greatest joy to give you my "Me too." 

Schedule a discovery call and I will be here to listen and encourage you through this time in your life.