The By Your Side Table



Where do we begin to our share our truest self with others? 

At a table.  Usually with a cup of coffee or even more likely with wine. Maybe some delicious platters of food, or sometimes the reality is we may be sitting in a kitchen pouring out our hearts and eating the kids' leftover cheetos and apple slices while they play in the other room.   

In times of our deepest need for friendship and belonging, if we don't have a welcoming space to sit and talk and open up to a friend, they may never know the longings of our heart and our mind.  What may look perfect on the outside is actually crumbling inside.  

Come to the Table. 

Are you stuck in the hustle and bustle?  Do you live with the "just keep going" mindset? At By Your Side Community, we get it.  We understand the woman-life, the mom-life, the warrior-survivor life, the surrounded by people but yet really lonely life.  

When you come to our table, you are welcome, seen, and loved for who you are right now.  We want you to relax, share a meal, and enjoy experiencing intentional time in authentic conversations.  

The By Your Side Table fosters deeper connections with those you are already doing life with.. friend groups, work-friend groups, the "seven degrees of you," or even life long friends who are looking for more.  At the BYS Table we share a meal in a "safe space" trusting that every one there is there with intention of getting to know each other on the next level.   We want you to come along side each other and be by their side when we need it most.  Which honestly, is all the time. 

Come to the Table.

We create the experience and space for you to clear your mind and allow your spirit and mind to open up and be authentically you.  Leave the spouse, mom, employee, boss, survivor, warrior, friend, daughter, coach, counselor, cook, house manager, and chauffeur parts of you at the door.  Come and be free.  

 Wanting nothing more than to NOT talk about my cancer battle, my children, job, husband, and the surface things.. and craving deeper connections with women in my life, I found that being authentically you is the best place to start.  No more veils and hats. No shame in who you think you should be.  Just living the best life you were created to have.  Supporting each other through it all. 

Let me help you create the space for authentic community.  

Schedule your own BYS Community Table here OR you can buy a seat at an up coming BYS Community Table. 

November 8th, 2018

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