Dance Party Friday

Y’all… It’s the weekend!!!! Cheers and claps and fan fair from our house today. 


Every Friday, my daughter’s Pre-K class has Dance Party Friday.  She counts down the days until Dance Party Friday.  To her, “DPF” means that the weekend is here.  It’s time to dance and have fun.  Throw all her almost five year old cautions to the wind.  She gets to hang with her family which means she will go to her brother’s games, have a donut or three after church.  Maybe even have popcorn for dinner tonight and sleep in with the freedom of nowhere she has to be.  Dance Party Friday signals to her that she gets to renew her strength.  To rest.  To relax.  


As adults, why don’t we have a “Dance Party Friday”?!?!  You know, an automatic trigger that signals to our mind and every responsibility and agenda in our life to head on vacation so we can relax and rest?!


If you are like me, your mind gets tired.  Tired of the schedules, the appointments, the stress of life.  Add to that cancer, care-taking, sickness, or any other life changing situation, and just forget it.  Our minds needs a break. We need “DPF” of the mind.  For real.


Last weekend, we instituted our family’s version of “Dance Party Friday.”  We intentionally shut the calendar down and went to the beach to recharge and renew. In the middle of the “spring” hustle with the three kids, business’, volunteering, and fun friend stuff, we danced our way to the sand and waves.  The only accepted distractions were March Madness (Sic ‘em Bears!), the ocean, reading, and sand castle building.  


Sitting in the sun drenched sand, burying my toes deeper and deeper to find those cold grains and watching the waves lapping in constant repetition, I FINALLY felt my mind and heart rest.  My breaths got deeper and longer.  The sounds of the beach: waves crashing over rocks, seagulls “gulling” over head, and the happy screams of the kids - filled the spaces in my mind with just what I needed.  The permission granted by the sea for me to just be.  To fall asleep in the warm sun.  To lay there until my skin is crispy (lots of SPF of course) because that would mean I was left alone  - - -  No thought or human needed me.  

In that moment, I was free to be me.

We get so wrapped up in our world that we forget to be still and let Dance Party Friday signal that it's time for stillness. 

Over two days and many hours on the sand, I was reminded of the majestic beauty of the ocean. The same ocean that showed me it’s calm and peaceful low tide, was the same ocean with the power that brings the storms.   Regardless of calm or storms, the ocean remains constant; always there but ever changing.  

Like the waves of the ocean, life keeps rolling in, regardless of the calm or storms.  But, unlike the ocean, we can control the tides and the waves.  We have the power to choose calm and declare that it's “Dance Party Friday”. 

We can put the calendars, the worries, the day to day things into a sea of forgetfullness and choose the peaceful and calm low tide. The peace and calm will bring us renewed strength and rest.  

So, on this Dance Party Friday, join me in the movement to put rest and relaxation above our busy-ness and stress.  

I encourage you to take time this weekend to dig your feet deep in the sand and soak in the sun of your favorite “rest and renew” place.  Find your mountains, parks, oceans, snow, your own backyard, favorite coffee shop, or even a solo trip to Target.   Just create space and time to let your mind and soul breathe in long deep breaths and to choose calm over busy.  


I promise.   You will thank me.  


And remember..when it’s “DPF, “ we dance like no one is watching.